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Erebidae / Arctiinae

Cloesia mariamartachavarriae ESPINOZA, 2023

Cloesia mariamartachavarriae
Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Colombia
Type locality: CR, Alajuela Prov., Finca San Gabriel 630m, 15 km E. Quebrada Grande
Cloesia mariamartachavarriae is a lowlands species, only recorded from the Pacific slope of Costa Rica, from 300 to 900m elevation, very abundant in the northern area, in Guanacaste rainforest and scarcely collected in the southern part of the country.

This species is easy to distinguish by the remarkable metallic golden-green background color on forewing, combined with the metallic blue-greenish on inner, outer and distal margin of the wing, as well as the presence of androconial organs laterally on the seventh abdominal segment and the absence of an androconial pouch on hindwing.

MICHEL LAGUERRE et. al. (2023): Revision of the genus Cloesia Hampson, 1900: description of five new species and recombination of two species (Noctuoidea Erebidae Arctiinae Lithosiini) - Faunitaxys 11 - 47.
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