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Chalcolepidius lacordairii CANDÈZE, 1857

Chalcolepidius lacordairii Chalcolepidius lacordairii
Chalcolepidus is a genus with several very similar species present in Costa Rica, in the case of C. oxydatus, C. chalcantheus and C. jansoni they are almost identical to the naked eye and C. lacordairii although they tend to be significantly wider and more robust (this is distinguishable only if we have them together to compare them). Therefore, the main diagnostic characteristics used to distinguish them correctly are: the shape of the scutellum, the shape of the contour and sculpture of the pronotum; the shape and length of the antennomeres, among others less visible. (SA Casari, 2002).
C. lacordairii is a species that presents a very varied chromatic pattern, they can be dark or light green, coppery brown or even grayish flattery. In addition, diagnostic characteristics such as the shape of the pronotum, antennae and mainly that of the scutellum, of the photographed specimen, coincide perfectly with the characteristics of this species (Rolando Ram�rez).
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